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Read a story about Uganda below -- the need for God's salvation is urgent!

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SOWERS International wants to transform entire nations through the power of God’s word. With each life Jesus saves, he also begins to save cities, cultures, and eventually nations.

We impact the world by training new leaders from local churches to preach the gospel and plant new churches. Thousands hear and respond to Jesus each year through SOWERS’ ministry. Education, social programs, economic growth – these are all good things for the most part. But without the heart-transforming power of the gospel, deeply entrenched patterns of sin do not change.

If you want to see nations changed by God, then explore these pages and see what SOWERS is already doing in Asia and Africa.


See our Goals and Vision

How we train local leaders and use open air evangelism to reach thousands.


What is open air evangelism?

Here are the 8 steps we use to spread the gospel.


Explore Our 5-Level Progressive Training Program

New leaders, more missionaries, increasing workers in the harvest – all local. This is the heart of our ministry, how we’re building God’s kingdom in over a dozen nations.


Read Faith-Filled Testimonies from the 5 Levels

If you love God and care about the lost, then reading this page will rekindle your faith and inspire you to take action for God.


See Some Statistics and Stories of Impact

The numbers keep changing, and the stories keep coming. But here’s a brief snippet to give you a taste of what SOWERS does, year after year.


Discover God’s Perfect Partnership

Wealthy nations can give, but their missionaries struggle to relate to rural African villages. Local missionaries can relate, but they struggle to raise support from the poor communities where they minister. It’s a perfect partnership – the wealthier West can materially support the effective local evangelists.

How badly do these nations need the gospel? Let’s take a look at Uganda.

Uganda is one of the nations now being transformed by SOWERS missionaries. In fact, there are two Level 5 Sowers from Uganda. Like Jesus, they are “about their Father’s business” – transforming their nation. And this is a nation in great need of God’s love and power.


World Missions Case Study: Kasensero

Some material for this story comes from the AFP news agency

In 1980 in Kasensero, Uganda found its first documented case of AIDS. Kasensero is a fishing village. It has a strong economy and a growing population. This would seem like a good thing.

But the fishermen don’t spend their money very wisely. Instead of building families, investing in housing and infrastructure, and helping the poor, they spend it on the same vices that have led to spiritual and financial ruin for thousands of years – prostitutes and alcohol.

Sin kills. Jesus says it this way in John 10:10:

“The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.

In spite of a booming fishing industry, Kasensero is not experiencing abundant life.

43% of people in this town live with HIV, six times higher than the rest of the country. The fisherman have a “live for today” careless mentality. Even though they make their living on the water, few know how to swim, and none wear life jackets. Many in this town just don’t care about how they treat their own bodies, or those of others. And it leads to major suffering.

Apathy is one of the most destructive forces of sin in any culture.

What can be done to save a town this lost? Only God can save them.
But how can they be saved if they don’t hear the gospel?
And how will they hear it if no one is sent?

SOWERS’ mission is to send.

We do this through our 5-Level evangelism and leadership training program.

Our Level 5 Uganda missionaries and the growing group of ministers and leaders working alongside them are preaching the gospel to thousands each year. Eventually, they will penetrate places like Kasensero. On that day, the prostitutes, fishermen, bartenders, and other people living aimless and destructive lives will hear a message they desperately need to hear.

They will hear about Jesus and his work on the cross. They will see his power to give them a new life and a purpose to live for that’s far greater than “living for today” will ever accomplish.


Have An Impact – Support a Sower

Sowers like our Uganda missionaries need prayer and financial support to do the work they’re doing. They go out on Uganda mission trips, doing open air evangelism. These outreaches hardly cost anything compared to how many people will hear the gospel. But there is a cost.

There are also special one-time projects that meet specific needs.

Make an impact for the kingdom of God. Give to Sowers.


Choose from three ways to get involved and Give to Sowers.


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