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Philippines: The Children Shall Lead

While in the Philippines, we were invited to a church in a very poor area to help with an L1 seminar, while mentoring a L3 trainer.

During lunch, a boy of 12 who had been brought along to church by his Christian friend was counseled for salvation. He then stayed and participated in the L1 seminar. At the demonstration open air meeting, these two boys bravely found other boys their own age at the end of the meeting and both counseled others for salvation.

The adults in the group were rather shy at putting into practice what they had learned, but at the example of these two boys, they too, counseled others. They went out fearful, but all came home rejoicing.

John & Winsome, Asia Regional Directors

Kenya – Making Eternal Disciples

SOWERS has taught me how to lead people to eternal life from eternal death and how to care for new believers. This has given me the zeal to follow-up our members to help them grow. My group has been so transformed spiritually and we thank the Lord for the SOWERS Program for reaching many with the word of life.


Zambia: Growing in Faith

I did Level 1 in 2006. Since then my talk time with God has increased and my time of reading the Word of God has doubled. And I have known more of the devil’s schemes in destroying the work of God. I also have known more on how to lead a person to Christ.  Many people’s lives have changed for the better since they came in contact with me.

Jackson C

Kenya: Equipped to Evangelize

Since I went through Level 1 of the SOWERS Program I have discovered many things. I thank God for the counseling booklet which is a very helpful tool to lead people to the Lord.

Amos S

Uganda: Fruit, not Argument

My training at Level 1 has made me to become very relevant to the unbelievers in delivering the Gospel message to them. My use of the counselling booklets has saved me from the bitter arguments and abuses I used to get when counselling people.  At least 3 people of those I have counselled, have already become active members of our church.

Karamagi D

Level 2 Testimonies

Central African Republic - Far exceeded my expectations

"I was very fearful and was wondering whether I 'd be able to master the use of the painting on the sketchboard. But thank God. This is the easiest and cheapest way to win souls to the Lord", writes G. L adds, "For many years since the end of the war in 2013, people would never stop to participate in any Church evangelism outreach program. I was astonished to realize how this method far exceeded my expectations and helped draw many people to the Lord."


Philippines – From Soldier to Soul-Winner

N. was a soldier in the New People's Army (NPA), a feared revolutionary group in the Philippines. On one of his excursions, he came across an open air meeting in action. He was captivated by what he saw and heard and at the end of the meeting, was counseled for salvation.

His aunt was a member of an evangelical church where a L1 &2 seminar was planned, so she paid for N to go to this seminar. Though he didn't want to do the course – especially the sketch board workshop – (he hated art and at school had never done his own artwork for homework, but always got someone else to do it for him) he found that he was able to master the simple skills that were taught.

He went out with the team, saw souls saved and became one of the best open air preachers we have in the Philippines. His wife comments 'His passion is SOWERS'. Today he is a SOWERS full-time worker, being sponsored by people in his own country. He is a real enthusiastic trainer and promoter of the SI Program.


Zambia – Fearless Replication

I started my SOWERS Program in 2001. In 2007 I did Level 2. Since then, I have been helped by the SOWERS Program in many ways such as knowing how to preach the Gospel to the lost. Teachings from SOWERS have removed fear in me. I have learnt many ways of preaching the gospel.

Many who I have brought to know Jesus Christ have shown interest to do the SOWERS Program so that they can start leading people to Christ.

Lazarus M

Philippines – The Key to Breakthrough

“I started planting churches when I was 25 years old, a few years after my graduation from a Bible School. I thought I knew everything about church-planting since I love evangelism and keep doing it. I really did hard work and exerted much effort on it, resulting in fatigue and burnout. I found no reasonable outcome for my endeavor.

In fact, I spent six years in the first church I planted and six years again in the second. I felt helpless and hopeless in my evangelistic ministry. I thought, “Lord may be I am not called for this.”

An answer to my wordless prayer came through John and Winsome, missionaries with SOWERS International. They conducted Level 1 and 2 seminars in our area. I was so impressed with the result of our first open air meeting and I was converted to become an open air preacher.

I went to places that didn't have churches yet and was able to organize more without the feeling of uncertainty, burnout, etc.

At the moment, I am thinking also of training churches around the area who are just maintaining their numbers and just waiting for people to come in. I am praying to offer SOWERS training free so that others can witness the effective results of going out to sow through the SOWERS Program.”

Norsie L

Nepal – Expanded Vision

“Actually, I am challenged to evangelizing to people through sketchboard. I would like to use this seminar among youth and students... Specially I would like to recommend to local churches and daughter churches”


Philippines – Most Efficient Use of Funds

“I have seen the easiest way in evangelism … the SOWERS open air meeting is the most effective and only a little amount of money was spent compared to other ways of evangelism. It is the easiest way of drawing a crowd.”


Kenya – Inspiring the Local Church

I did Level 1 training in 2014 and Level 2 in 2015. Through the training I have benefited in the following ways.

  1. As a Team leader, I am able to plan an open air meeting using proper programming
  2. I have learnt the use of the sketch board to prepare the introductory sketches and sermons for open air meetings.
  3. I have gained skills to lead people to Christ using the counselling booklet.
  4. Evangelism has become easier in our Church and we have started home cells in two locations.

I have gained confidence and now I am able to go out to open air meetings.  I look forward to being trained at higher Levels of the Program so I can train others also in Kenya.

John M

Philippines – Continuous Church Growth

“I praise the Lord for the SOWERS seminars. Our ministry here is growing more through the SOWERS open airs. Every Sunday we have five to ten newcomers."


Level 3 Testimonies

Zambia – Partnered for God

I started the SOWERS Program in 2002 this is when I did Level 1. In SOWERS I have known how to preach the Gospel to people and how to plant churches. SOWERS has also helped me and my wife to know how to do God’s work as a couple. In 2014 I did my Level 3 and I am still working as a Sower. I have helped many people. I want to work extra hard in the future.

I have taught many people and they are also working and have started bringing people to Christ.

Paul M

Uganda – Boldly and Gently Proclaiming

Before I joined the SOWERS Program, I was young spiritually and I could not even speak to a crowd of people. I was shy, fearful and I could not even give my testimony in the church. Since I was trained in the SOWERS Program, I have grown spiritually, I can teach the word of God, I know how to counsel a person and how to give my testimony.

I am able to participate in all parts of an open air meeting. I know how to counsel back-sliders and how to follow up new Christians.  I would encourage anybody to join the SOWERS Program because of the way it has transformed my life and ministry.

Charles M

Uganda – Revitalized Evangelism

“I was a church leader, but I had reached a dead end concerning taking the ministry of evangelism any further. I am delighted to testify that when I reached Level 3, a great change happened in my life and ministry. I let go of my old approaches and started preaching clear, simple and urgent messages. These days things are different; people flock in my meetings as never before.

I have so far taught four Level 1 Seminars and helped in preparing three Level 2 Seminars while continuing with the holding of the open air meetings as well.”

Wilson T

Level 4 Testimonies

Zambia – Building up the Body of Christ

I did SOWERS Level 1 at a Bible school and was trained at Level 4 in 2014. The SOWERS Program has helped me in many ways. The first one is that it has helped me to know how I can talk to someone on how to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. The Program has also has helped me to have that desire of speaking the Gospel any time. It has also helped me to teach at Bible School and has also helped my house to be in prayers every day. It has also helped me on how to prepare the Bible Teachings.

From what I have learnt in SOWERS, many people have been encouraged to stand in prayer, to make follow up programmes and preach in the open air. They are also involved in prayers to pray for their sons in Christ. They have also been encouraged to read the Bible.

Reuben K

Uganda – Strategic Influence

The Level 4 training has created a great impact in my ministry. There has been an improvement in my sermons. When I am preaching at church I apply SOWERS techniques, and am able to present very touching messages.

I have so far organised several teams to form prayer cells and evangelism centres. Now as a Level 4 Sower whenever there is need for strategic planning for Sowers activities, I usually have an input.

Ronald N

Level 5 Testimonies

Kenya – Empowering Churches for Evangelism

Level Four helped me know how to organize seminars and how to approach pastors and promote the SOWERS Program to them.

SOWERS has helped me to discover my gift as an evangelist.

SOWERS has helped me to have a heart to care for believers.

When I was trained at Level Five my vision was expanded as I now knew how to empower more churches in evangelism and to raise up leaders to move on with the SOWERS Program.

I have been in different forums of training on evangelism but SOWERS surpasses them all. It is unique as it helps all the church to get involved in evangelism. SOWERS helps the body of Christ to understand and know the gospel and share it. It helped me to grow in the area of maintaining my preaching and teaching the true gospel.


Zambia – Overcoming Opposition

I started SOWERS in 1995 and I was trained at Level 5 in 2014. In SOWERS I have found boldness in witnessing despite opposition. My prayer life has changed to become consistent. I have developed a sense of devotion in the Word of God.

My teaching has impacted many whom I have taught. Their lives have changed and many have become involved in the SOWERS ministry.

Asford C

Uganda – A Transformed Ministry

In 2010 I was trained at Level 1 and 2 and have been working my way up to Level 5 which I completed in June 2015.  SOWERS has translated itself from being a mere tool in my life. This is being very clearly exhibited in the following aspects of my life:

  • My concern and burden for the lost has intensified
  • I have adopted the skill of sharing the Gospel as opposed to my former preaching approach
  • Now I’m able to keep on the forward move and to create a lively atmosphere in teaching
  • I have developed an awareness that it’s the SOWERS they will see in me that they will understand
  • I am getting more satisfaction in reaching out to the lost and training others than keeping to the inside-church programmes
  • I have developed my teams at all levels of the SOWERS Program.

In fact my ministry is being geared towards taking the course of concentrating on open air evangelism and training others; bringing back to life the very heart-felt yearning I had when I first believed – the salvation of the lost.

Deo G

Zambia – Multiplying Leaders

I started my training with SOWERS in 1991 and became a Level 5 Sower in 2005. SOWERS has impacted me in so many ways. Through SOWERS Ministry I have grown spiritually and become stable in the things of God. I used to be ignorant concerning how to lead someone to Christ, but thanks be to God for those who were in the forefront of implementing the SOWERS Program in my country – Zambia.

There are many of my fellow Sowers who I have trained over many years and they are still active in the ministry. They have come to know how to interpret the Bible, the importance of prayer cells and how to share the Gospel through the SOWERS ministry. Through them many have come to know Jesus and are still coming into God’s kingdom.

Stephen K

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