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Spreading the Gospel from within Africa, Asia, and Beyond

SOWERS partners with already-existing local churches to train ministry teams from their members. Those teams go to neighboring areas and use open air evangelism to share the gospel. With a 6-Level leadership training program, we continually increase the number of trained evangelists and leaders from the nations we work in.

Right now, we work in over a dozen nations in Africa and Asia. Hundreds of thousands of people have heard and responded to Jesus through SOWERS missionaries leading open air meetings and follow-up discipleship.


Four Ways SOWERS is Different from Other Missions Organizations

  1. We are an interdenominational missions organization – keeping the focus on the core gospel message
  2. We train local leaders to do the work of evangelism. We do not send in Western missionaries to preach to people from other cultures. Our local leaders do this, as well as plant new churches
  3. We continually raise up new leaders and evangelists. We are not about rock-star preachers to draw crowds. Instead, we empower teams of local church members to go out and fulfill the Great Commission
  4. We help local leaders support themselves through projects, local church support, and international support when needed. Almost our entire staff comes from the nations they work in, speaks the local languages, and knows the cultures and spiritual needs of their communities


Meet Our International Missions Staff

The local and national leaders are overseen by an international volunteer leadership team.

Read their inspiring stories and see how God drew them to devote their lives to this ministry.


Study Our Fully Accountable Governance Structure

Are you a procedure and policy wonk? Delve into our leadership structure and see how SOWERS ensures accountability within and between all levels and personnel.


SOWERS and Sowers… What’s the Difference?

Get your basic questions about SOWERS answered here, including:

  • Why don’t we show staff photos or use full names?
  • In which nations does SOWERS global mission operate?
  • Why do open air meetings work so well in these nations? (and what is open air evangelism?)
  • Why is SOWERS’ evangelism method so astonishingly cost-effective? 24 Sowers evangelists can be funded for the same amount as one Western missionary!


Do You Want Church Training for Evangelism?

Equip and empower your church members for open air ministry!

If you have a church in Africa or Asia (or anywhere, really!), contact SOWERS today and ask about how your members can be trained for local missions work through open air evangelism.


How You Can Get Involved Today

Support Sowers with prayer and finances – there are lots of ways to be used by God.

As a missions organization in over a dozen nations, SOWERS needs all the support from the greater church that we can get. Here are several ways you can help:

  1. Prayer support – God moves when people pray for the things most on his heart. First and foremost, that means praying for the lost to be saved, and for the ministers who are out there for this purpose
  2. Invite SOWERS to your church for a presentation. We can send someone to show your congregation how they can join with us in transforming the nations through the gospel
  3. Give to specific Sowers, one-time projects, or other areas of need. The international leadership of SOWERS is entirely voluntary. But the local missionaries and leaders we’ve raised up are full-time workers for the gospel, and they need ongoing support.
  4. Subscribe to our Seasons newsletter and get updates on the amazing work God is doing through SOWERS.


A Brief History

The SOWERS missions organization branched out from the Open Air Campaigners (OAC) in 1975 when a group of New Zealand missionaries in the Philippines decided to start a new form of outdoor ministry and leadership training.

In 1988 OAC released the program to the new SOWERS International, headquartered in New Zealand. A decade later, with the work firmly established in multiple nations, a truly multinational leadership structure was created.

And now, thousands of new believers come to Christ every year after hearing the gospel presented to them at open air evangelism meetings. We are in Ghana, Zambia, Uganda, Malawi, Nepal, India, the Philippines, and many more nations.

Learn more about SOWERS by clicking on any of the links above.


Go here and see the impact on world missions as SOWERS continues to grow and expand its base of strong local church leaders.

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