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Country-specific information can be seen in each country off this menu. However, there are a few projects of SOWERS-wide significance that we would like to talk about with you on this page.

Partnership takes many forms. One is when people with money (comparatively speaking) partner with Sowers that have the opportunity, gifting and training to enable church training and planting. We present partnership opportunities as 'projects'. How is a project approved? Is the process robust? What accountability is there? Good questions! Click here for answers


lifesaverS O S - Support of Sowers

Our most urgent need. Partial or complete support, one-time or regular, all help to meet the basic needs of a national Sower, Amazingly, only USD15 per day average is needed to support a Sower. That's about the same as cafe coffee for two! Could your small group, your Church, or perhaps you personally, give full or part support of one Sower? What a wonderfully cost-effective way to be a partner in the Gospel. Donate online to SOS



Equip a team of Sowers

You can buy a sketch board, paper, paint and brushes and equip an entire team for a one-time payment of only USD30. Donate online for SKETCHBOARD KIT


Where Most Needed

Where Most Needed is the fund we use to meet the unexpected, to smooth lumpy cash flow for specific projects and to make up shortfalls in personal support of Sowers. We deeply appreciate your contribution to this critical fund.
Donate online to WHERE MOST NEEDED


Emergency Care Fund

Emergency Care in SOWERS is defined as a sudden, unexpected event requiring immediate action due to potential threat to health and safety, the environment, or property.

Examples include a major health issue that requires immediate treatment or hospitalisation; the damage or destruction of a house that leaves a Sower and his family homeless. Not included are funeral expenses; theft of personal belongings; transport; school fees, etc.

Donate online to EMERGENCY CARE FUND

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