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In his sermon, the preacher said, "Sow your seed in the morning, and at evening let your hands not be idle" (Ecc 11:6). And further, says the prophet Isaiah, "How blessed you will be, sowing your seed by every stream, and letting your (unfettered) cattle and donkeys range free". (Isaiah 32:20)!

The message of sowing or deliverance from sin is not only the case of the New Testament as we read in the parable of the Sower or through the epistles, but it is the central message of the entire Bible. Ecclesiastes and Isaiah both show the value of the daily work of the Sower sowing ''tirelessly to achieve and freedom to those who were tied like oxen and donkeys.''

To link words into action, the following activities were carried out with satisfaction over the first three months of 2013. These are:


Three meetings were held with representatives from the various Christian communities who have a stake in the ministry. It is through these meetings that spiritual activities planned on the quarterly schedule were conducted with much satisfaction.

The importance of a good reputation for the work of SOWERS was enhanced with a spiritual retreat. After the prayer sessions and presentations prepared for the occasion, we discussed matters relating to the administration, property management and the social life of evangelists. Two days dedicated to refresher courses and discussion was a great way to refresh Sowers from the city of Lubumbashi.


During the January – March quarter four training seminars were planned made up of three Level 1's and a Level 2. All these seminars were held and 84 members from four different Christian communities in the province took part. Of these 84 new Sowers trained, 10 were completed level 2.

Note that one of these four seminars was organized in Likasi, a town 120 km from Lubumbashi where churches have never heard of the Ministry of SOWERS. For us it was a great achievement that is consistent with the implementation of the Ministry particularly in the province of Katanga.

We are grateful that all planned activities on our calendar are accomplished with the help of the Holy Spirit on the one hand, but also the determination of each SOWERS member who sacrificed himself to individually participate in prayer sessions scheduled each month.


Despite the bad political conditions experienced by our country, DR Congo, and various forms of insecurities that are installed in the Katanga Province (murder and threats by negative government forces, commonly known as "Mayimayi") opportunities out to preach the Good News in Lubumbashi and Likasi were favorable for us. In this connection, we give thanks to God who gave us this opportunity to speak to around 950 people who heard the Gospel of salvation, 700 people came to the Lord, accepting Him as Savior and 397 have been identified in various collaborating churches.

The Church of the 36th Evangelical Community whose evangelists were trained by us in June 2012 gave us their report confirming the establishment of a new assembly in Bongonga, a neighborhood in the City Kampemba. Praise the Lord Jesus!


It is with feelings of gratitude that we express our thanks to the International Office who sent us materials including brushes, paint, paper, bicycles and Bibles. Our friends in the region Luapula - Moero to Kasenga were also beneficiaries of these different things, and on their behalf, we thank you sincerely. We also thank the donors of NZ who joined God's work in DR Congo.


During the first quarter of 2013, we noted the following challenges:

A. The bad political situation which results in the general population being the victim at all levels, making them poorer than before. Every day in Lubumbashi and in the entire Province families are weeping over their dead – people who are killed and thrown into the bush.

B. The unavailability of some members Sowers due to difficult living conditions and political instability.

C. The difficulty of getting materials here through the various State departments committed to the control and clearance of goods from abroad. The costs relating to the acquisition of parcels sent to us from South Africa is unbelievable.

D. The lack of financial resources to support both the functioning of the office, and the full and part-time Sowers who are very involved in ministry.

Prepared in Lubumbashi on 25/04/2013 by Emmanuel K


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