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I can’t hesitate to say that in March SOWERS blew up in my country. It so happened that Richard, Paul, Fred and Ronald were sent from the head office to E-, D- and K- respectively to teach several Level 1 seminars for a week. On their return journey they were overwhelmed by the many phone calls for invitations for classes and Pastors’ meetings. The invitations came from the extreme parts of the country (Amurata and Malaba) and as far as even across borders (Kenya and Sudan) scrambling equally for the program. You could wonder which seniors had done it!  Surprisingly, all this noble work was an achievement of newly trained Level 1 Sower volunteers. How I pray that God will grant every Sower with such a zeal; so as to propel him/ her to join the race and swiftly, pass on the baton.


Uganda Level 1 seminar
Uganda Level 1 seminar







Uganda Salvation Army personnel at a Level 1 SOWERS seminar. Practising counselling and then doing it with over 70 people in the street.

Counselling on the street
Counselling on the street






Pastor Moses led a team of SOWERS in the Kyenjojo area.  106 people came to the Lord after open air meetings.

We are so grateful for the testimony by our first ever Cadets who have seen the effectiveness of SOWERS open air ministry here in Uganda. As you can see from the pictures, many people received the Gospel and were counselled resulting in many of them receiving Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. Others recommitted themselves to Christ. We have a powerful testimony of a Moslem who was converted at an open air. He was one of the influential Muslims and known by many in the area. We were all amazed and gave glory to God as we marvelled over what had happened.


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