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Two exciting things are happening here. Demand for the ministry is expanding and an opportunity has come to develop a good local source of the finance. A highly qualified and experienced man is available to supervise a chicken farm to meet high local demand. Capital is required to start it off.


How did the need arise?

The need for increased staff support intersects with a high demand for chickens and eggs and with the availability of proven skill and experience in production.


Project purpose

Stephen writes, "We want to generate funds for the ministry, since  the work is expanding. We want to start supplementing what we are given by the National Board, helping God’s work and some of God’s workers who are in need, because they are financially handicapped.

"We want to buy the land and construct the poultry house and a house for a worker on it.  We want to do the keeping of broilers and layers project.

"Why is this project the best response? - Because there is high demand in the area for chickens and eggs, so this project will start giving money for the intended purpose mentioned above in the shortest possible time."


Who will do it?

Gabriel K - Diploma in Agriculture. Gabriel worked for 7 years with a very big company dealing in keeping broilers and breed layers. He started as a Farm Supervisor, then as Farm Site Manager and also as Senior Farm Manager. At Gabriel’s time with the company, the company was capable of keeping 55,000 breed layers and 180,000 broilers. He then worked with another company for one year as Farm Manager also keeping 145,000 layers, a company which use auto teller machines to control the production. And lastly he was trained as a trainer with “Foundation for Farming” an organization that teaches people to do farming using God’s way. Gabriel has been in his personal business of keeping broilers and layers for some time now and he is the one who has sacrificially given his own poultry house and utensils to the provincial committee for keeping broilers and layers.

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