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From Mozambique ...

Demand in Mozambique is high for SOWERS' training. It has reached the point where full time staffing is needed to adequately respond to the call. Pastor Joao M has several years experience working with SOWERS part time.  When the Lord provides the funds he is ready to answer the call to full time work.

How did the need arise?

In the present state of religious liberty, churches in Mozambique are reaching out to their neighbours with the gospel. They are keen to take advantage of the effectiveness of SOWERS' training.

Project purpose

The purpose of this project is to raise sufficient support for the first full time supported Sower in Mozambique so that many more churches can benefit from training that SOWERS provides.

Who will do it?

Pastor M is ready and willing. He and his wife live in Zambezia Province in northwest Mozambique. They are grandparents with three children of their own and an adopted daughter. He is a school teacher and suffered considerably during the eleven years of war in Mozambique.

Pastor M graduated from a Bible College in Malawi in 1992 and is an ordained Pastor with the Evangelical Church of Mozambique. He coordinates the SOWERS work in Mozambique and is a Level 5 Sower in training.  Currently he is working part time with SOWERS, supporting his family by farming, but it is anticipated he will be working in a full time capacity shortly.

Pastor M is an excellent teacher and has trained a number of teams and planted at least seven churches since being trained at Level 4 in 1997. He has translated a number of SOWERS manuals and digests into Lomwe and Portuguese and is currently working on the Portuguese Level 3 Manual. He is well liked and respected and is a dedicated and gifted man and a very hard worker. He uses a motor bike, a gift from a foundation in USA, to visit and encourage teams and Sowers.


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