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SOWERS International wants to transform entire nations through the power of God’s word. With each life Jesus saves, he also begins to save cities, cultures, and eventually nations.

We impact the world by training new leaders from local churches to preach the gospel and plant new churches. Thousands hear and respond to Jesus each year through SOWERS’ ministry. Education, social programs, economic growth – these are all good things for the most part. But without the heart-transforming power of the gospel, deeply entrenched patterns of sin do not change.

If you want to see nations changed by God, then explore these pages and see what SOWERS is already doing in Asia and Africa.


See our Goals and Vision

How we train local leaders and use open air evangelism to reach thousands.


What is open air evangelism?

Here are the 8 steps we use to spread the gospel.


Explore Our 6-Level Progressive Training Program

New leaders, more missionaries, increasing workers in the harvest – all local. This is the heart of our ministry, how we’re building God’s kingdom in over a dozen nations.


Read Faith-Filled Testimonies from the 6 Levels

If you love God and care about the lost, then reading this page will rekindle your faith and inspire you to take action for God.


See Some Statistics and Stories of Impact

The numbers keep changing, and the stories keep coming. But here’s a brief snippet to give you a taste of what SOWERS does, year after year.


Discover God’s Perfect Partnership

Wealthy nations can give, but their missionaries struggle to relate to rural African villages. Local missionaries can relate, but they struggle to raise support from the poor communities where they minister. It’s a perfect partnership – the wealthier West can materially support the effective local evangelists.

How badly do these nations need the gospel? Let’s take a look at Uganda.

Uganda is one of the nations now being transformed by SOWERS missionaries. In fact, there are two Level 6 Sowers from Uganda. Like Jesus, they are “about their Father’s business” – transforming their nation. And this is a nation in great need of God’s love and power.


World Missions Case Study: Kasensero

(Some material for this story comes from the AFP news agency)

In 1980 in Kasensero, Uganda found its first documented case of AIDS. Kasensero is a fishing village. It has a strong economy and a growing population. This would seem like a good thing.

But the fishermen don’t spend their money very wisely. Instead of building families, investing in housing and infrastructure, and helping the poor, they spend it on the same vices that have led to spiritual and financial ruin for thousands of years – prostitutes and alcohol.

Sin kills. Jesus says it this way in John 10:10:

“The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.

In spite of a booming fishing industry, Kasensero is not experiencing abundant life.

43% of people in this town live with HIV, six times higher than the rest of the country. The fisherman have a “live for today” careless mentality. Even though they make their living on the water, few know how to swim, and none wear life jackets. Many in this town just don’t care about how they treat their own bodies, or those of others. And it leads to major suffering.

Apathy is one of the most destructive forces of sin in any culture.

What can be done to save a town this lost? Only God can save them.
But how can they be saved if they don’t hear the gospel?
And how will they hear it if no one is sent?

SOWERS’ mission is to send.

We do this through our 6-Level evangelism and leadership training program.

Our Level 6 Uganda missionaries and the growing group of ministers and leaders working alongside them are preaching the gospel to thousands each year. Eventually, they will penetrate places like Kasensero. On that day, the prostitutes, fishermen, bartenders, and other people living aimless and destructive lives will hear a message they desperately need to hear.

They will hear about Jesus and his work on the cross. They will see his power to give them a new life and a purpose to live for that’s far greater than “living for today” will ever accomplish.


Have An Impact – Support a Sower

Sowers like our Uganda missionaries need prayer and financial support to do the work they’re doing. They go out on Uganda mission trips, doing open air evangelism. These outreaches hardly cost anything compared to how many people will hear the gospel. But there is a cost.

There are also special one-time projects that meet specific needs.

Make an impact for the kingdom of God. Give to Sowers.


Choose from three ways to get involved and Give to Sowers.


God is moving, and he wants to use you!

When you give to a Project, a Sower, or Where Most Needed, you are putting Jesus first.

SOWERS is active in over a dozen nations across Asia and Africa. In six African nations – Zambia, Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Malawi – look what SOWERS teams have accomplished for the kingdom of God in just the past year:

  • 397 teams held 1875 open air meetings
  • 77,044 people heard the gospel
  • 14.443 joined churches with SOWERS teams (others joined other churches)
  • 97 new churches were planted

This is the work of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. It’s what we see in Acts as the gospel spread like a wildfire across the Middle East and into Southern Europe. Even more is happening in Asia and in other African nations.

Here are 3 ways you can spread the Gospel to all nations

Support an

Fund a Special
Meet a one-time need

Give to SOWERS
General Fund
Where Most needed

The Fruits of the SOWERS 6-Level Training Program

Get a quick overview of all 6 Levels

Get inspired for God! Read testimonies from all six Levels of the SOWERS Training Program.


Level 1            Level 2            Level 3            Level 4            Level 5            Level 6


Level 1 Testimonies

Philippines: The Children Shall Lead

While in the Philippines, we were invited to a church in a very poor area to help with an L1 seminar, while mentoring a L3 trainer.

During lunch, a boy of 12 who had been brought along to church by his Christian friend was counseled for salvation. He then stayed and participated in the L1 seminar. At the demonstration open air meeting, these two boys bravely found other boys their own age at the end of the meeting and both counseled others for salvation.

The adults in the group were rather shy at putting into practice what they had learned, but at the example of these two boys, they too, counseled others. They went out fearful, but all came home rejoicing.

        -John & Winsome, Asia Regional Directors

Kenya – Making Eternal Disciples

SOWERS has taught me how to lead people to eternal life from eternal death and how to care for new believers. This has given me the zeal to follow-up our members to help them grow. My group has been so transformed spiritually and we thank the Lord for the SOWERS Program for reaching many with the word of life.


Zambia: Growing in Faith

I did Level 1 in 2006. Since then my talk time with God has increased and my time of reading the Word of God has doubled. And I have known more of the devil’s schemes in destroying the work of God. I also have known more on how to lead a person to Christ.  Many people’s lives have changed for the better since they came in contact with me.

                        -Jackson C.

Kenya: Equipped to Evangelize

Since I went through Level 1 of the SOWERS Program I have discovered many things. I thank God for the counseling booklet which is a very helpful tool to lead people to the Lord.

                        -Amos S.

Uganda: Fruit, not Argument

My training at Level 1 has made me to become very relevant to the unbelievers in delivering the Gospel message to them. My use of the counselling booklets has saved me from the bitter arguments and abuses I used to get when counselling people.  At least 3 people of those I have counselled, have already become active members of our church.                                 

        -Karamagi D


Level 2 Testimonies

Philippines – From Soldier to Soul-Winner

N. was a soldier in the New People's Army (NPA), a feared revolutionary group in the Philippines. On one of his excursions, he came across an open air meeting in action. He was captivated by what he saw and heard and at the end of the meeting, was counseled for salvation.

His aunt was a member of an evangelical church where a L1 &2 seminar was planned, so she paid for N to go to this seminar. Though he didn't want to do the course – especially the sketch board workshop – (he hated art and at school had never done his own artwork for homework, but always got someone else to do it for him) he found that he was able to master the simple skills that were taught.

He went out with the team, saw souls saved and became one of the best open air preachers we have in the Philippines. His wife comments 'His passion is SOWERS'. Today he is a SOWERS full-time worker, being sponsored by people in his own country. He is a real enthusiastic trainer and promoter of the SI Program.

Zambia – Fearless Replication

I started my SOWERS Program in 2001. In 2007 I did Level 2. Since then, I have been helped by the SOWERS Program in many ways such as knowing how to preach the Gospel to the lost. Teachings from SOWERS have removed fear in me. I have learnt many ways of preaching the gospel.

Many who I have brought to know Jesus Christ have shown interest to do the SOWERS Program so that they can start leading people to Christ.

                        -Lazarus M

Philippines – The Key to Breakthrough

“I started planting churches when I was 25 years old, a few years after my graduation from a Bible School. I thought I knew everything about church-planting since I love evangelism and keep doing it. I really did hard work and exerted much effort on it, resulting in fatigue and burnout. I found no reasonable outcome for my endeavor.

In fact, I spent six years in the first church I planted and six years again in the second. I felt helpless and hopeless in my evangelistic ministry. I thought, “Lord may be I am not called for this.”

An answer to my wordless prayer came through John and Winsome, missionaries with SOWERS International. They conducted Level 1 and 2 seminars in our area. I was so impressed with the result of our first open air meeting and I was converted to become an open air preacher.

I went to places that didn't have churches yet and was able to organize more without the feeling of uncertainty, burnout, etc.

At the moment, I am thinking also of training churches around the area who are just maintaining their numbers and just waiting for people to come in. I am praying to offer SOWERS training free so that others can witness the effective results of going out to sow through the SOWERS Program.”        

                        -Norsie L, 2014

Nepal – Expanded Vision

“Actually, I am challenged to evangelizing to people through sketchboard. I would like to use this seminar among youth and students... Specially I would like to recommend to local churches and daughter churches”

Philippines – Most Efficient Use of Funds

“I have seen the easiest way in evangelism … the SOWERS open air meeting is the most effective and only a little amount of money was spent compared to other ways of evangelism. It is the easiest way of drawing a crowd.”

Kenya – Inspiring the Local Church

I did Level 1 training in 2014 and Level 2 in 2015. Through the training I have benefited in the following ways. 

  1. As a Team leader, I am able to plan an open air meeting using proper programming
  2. I have learnt the use of the sketch board to prepare the introductory sketches and sermons for open air meetings.
  3. I have gained skills to lead people to Christ using the counselling booklet.
  4. Evangelism has become easier in our Church and we have started home cells in two locations.    

I have gained confidence and now I am able to go out to open air meetings.  I look forward to being trained at higher Levels of the Program so I can train others also in Kenya.

                       -John M

Philippines – Continuous Church Growth

“I praise the Lord for the SOWERS seminars. Our ministry here is growing more through the SOWERS open airs. Every Sunday we have five to ten newcomers."


Level 3 Testimonies

Zambia – Partnered for God

I started the SOWERS Program in 2002 this is when I did Level 1. In SOWERS I have known how to preach the Gospel to people and how to plant churches. SOWERS has also helped me and my wife to know how to do God’s work as a couple. In 2014 I did my Level 3 and I am still working as a Sower. I have helped many people. I want to work extra hard in the future.

I have taught many people and they are also working and have started bringing people to Christ.                                  

                        -Paul M.

Uganda – Boldly and Gently Proclaiming

Before I joined the SOWERS Program, I was young spiritually and I could not even speak to a crowd of people. I was shy, fearful and I could not even give my testimony in the church. Since I was trained in the SOWERS Program, I have grown spiritually, I can teach the word of God, I know how to counsel a person and how to give my testimony. 

I am able to participate in all parts of an open air meeting. I know how to counsel back-sliders and how to follow up new Christians.  I would encourage anybody to join the SOWERS Program because of the way it has transformed my life and ministry.

                        -Charles M

Uganda – Revitalized Evangelism

“I was a church leader, but I had reached a dead end concerning taking the ministry of evangelism any further. I am delighted to testify that when I reached Level 3, a great change happened in my life and ministry. I let go of my old approaches and started preaching clear, simple and urgent messages. These days things are different; people flock in my meetings as never before.

I have so far taught four Level 1 Seminars and helped in preparing three Level 2 Seminars while continuing with the holding of the open air meetings as well.”

        -Wilson T


Level 4 Testimonies

Zambia – Building up the Body of Christ

I did SOWERS Level 1 at a Bible school and was trained at Level 4 in 2014. The SOWERS Program has helped me in many ways. The first one is that it has helped me to know how I can talk to someone on how to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. The Program has also has helped me to have that desire of speaking the Gospel any time. It has also helped me to teach at Bible School and has also helped my house to be in prayers every day. It has also helped me on how to prepare the Bible Teachings.

From what I have learnt in SOWERS, many people have been encouraged to stand in prayer, to make follow up programmes and preach in the open air. They are also involved in prayers to pray for their sons in Christ. They have also been encouraged to read the Bible.

                         -Reuben K

Uganda – Strategic Influence

The Level 4 training has created a great impact in my ministry. There has been an improvement in my sermons. When I am preaching at church I apply SOWERS techniques, and am able to present very touching messages.

I have so far organised several teams to form prayer cells and evangelism centres. Now as a Level 4 Sower whenever there is need for strategic planning for Sowers activities, I usually have an input.                    

                         -Ronald N


Level 5 Testimonies

Kenya – Empowering Churches for Evangelism

Level Four helped know how organize seminars and how to approach pastors and promote the SOWERS Program to them.

SOWERS has helped me to discover my gift as an evangelist.

SOWERS has helped me to have a heart to care for believers.

When I was trained at Level Five my vision was expanded as I now knew how to empower more churches in evangelism and to raise up leaders to move on with the SOWERS Program.

I have been in different forums of training on evangelism but SOWERS surpasses them all. It is unique as it helps all the church to get involved in evangelism. SOWERS helps the body of Christ to understand and know the gospel and share it. It helped me to grow in the area of maintaining my preaching and teaching the true gospel.


Zambia – Overcoming Opposition

I started SOWERS in 1995 and I was trained at Level 5 in 2014. In SOWERS I have found boldness in witnessing despite opposition. My prayer life has changed to become consistent. I have developed a sense of devotion in the Word of God.

My teaching has impacted many whom I have taught. Their lives have changed and many have become involved in the SOWERS ministry.

                        -Asford C


Level 6 Testimonies

Uganda – A Transformed Ministry

In 2010 I was trained at Level 1 and 2 and have been working my way up to Level 6 which I completed in June 2015.  SOWERS has translated itself from being a mere tool in my life. This is being very clearly exhibited in the following aspects of my life:

  • My concern and burden for the lost has intensified
  • I have adopted the skill of sharing the Gospel as opposed to my former preaching approach
  • Now I’m able to keep on the forward move and to create a lively atmosphere in teaching
  • I have developed an awareness that it’s the SOWERS they will see in me that they will understand
  • I am getting more satisfaction in reaching out to the lost and training others than keeping to the inside-church programmes
  • I have developed my teams at all levels of the SOWERS Program.

In fact my ministry is being geared towards taking the course of concentrating on open air evangelism and training others; bringing back to life the very heart-felt yearning I had when I first believed – the salvation of the lost.

                         -Deo G.

Zambia – Multiplying Leaders

I started my training with SOWERS in 1991 and became a Level 6 Sower in 2005. SOWERS has impacted me in so many ways. Through SOWERS Ministry I have grown spiritually and become stable in the things of God. I used to be ignorant concerning how to lead someone to Christ, but thanks be to God for those who were in the forefront of implementing the SOWERS Program in my country – Zambia. 

There are many of my fellow Sowers who I have trained over many years and they are still active in the ministry. They have come to know how to interpret the Bible, the importance of prayer cells and how to share the Gospel through the SOWERS ministry. Through them many have come to know Jesus and are still coming into God’s kingdom.

                         -Stephen K.


Fulfill the Great Commission.

Give to SOWERS.

Spread the Gospel to the Ends of the Earth.

Learn More About the 6-Level SOWERS Training Program

You Can Reach the Outermost Parts of the World for God – Today!


In the Malawi district of Mwanza, 41% of the 138,015 people cannot read, write, or count. Nationwide, it’s 36% of adults, about 4.6 million people. Even more distressing, about twice as many women as men cannot read or write.

Illiteracy is a root issue. It leads to poverty, unemployment, and hunger.

When SOWERS sends a team to train churches in a new region to preach and spread the gospel, that team faces the reality of life in that community as well as the spiritual poverty. And while the costs of training are extremely low compared to sending Western missionaries, there are still costs.


Two Types of Need – Both Overwhelming

In early 2015, two huge cyclones decimated Malawi. Half the nation was affected, and basic survival dominated everyone’s time.

In Malawi and everywhere else SOWERS operates, we face two branches of need. These are the two reasons Sowers need support:

  • A hunger and desperation for the good news of forgiveness and eternal salvation
  • Massive poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, and vulnerability to natural crises

That’s why we continue to depend on Western nations to support our Sowers. These are local missionaries. They are not from Kansas, or New Zealand, or New South Wales. They are from Kenya, Malawi, Ghana, and the Philippines. They live in the nations where these needs confront them every day. They were born there.

So while our goal is to see each nation support its own Sowers, it’s very difficult to sustain that. With such high illiteracy (including financial illiteracy) and unemployment, Sowers struggle to find people who can support them. Thus, they are left with

Two ways to fund their work for God’s kingdom:

  1. Start a fundraising project, such as a farm, to support themselves, their family, and their mission
  2. Rely on international support from nations with far more resources

SOWERS uses both of these options. But because of the harsh economic conditions in most of the nations we serve, relying only on the first option often isn’t enough. What’s more, God likes it when his family the church works together in unity.


How God Uses His Church – Even Jesus Had Support

It really is a perfect partnership. The people who can’t effectively preach to these nations because of vast cultural differences (Westerners) have abundant resources. And the people who can reach thousands of people in their nations with the gospel (Sowers) do not have easy access to financial support.

An effective evangelist is a full-time one who doesn’t have to worry about also providing for his or her own needs. Just as Paul wrote to the Philippians:

You yourselves also know, Philippians, that at the first preaching of the gospel, after I left Macedonia, no church shared with me in the matter of giving and receiving but you alone; for even in Thessalonica you sent a gift more than once for my needs. (Phil 4:15,16)

Paul, the greatest evangelist in history, could not have spread the gospel so effectively without financial support. And at times, he had to stop his missional work and make tents to provide a living for himself. When he did this, what do you think happened to his productivity in sharing the gospel? It had to go down.

The same is true of Jesus. Even Jesus – God in the flesh – didn’t go out with his disciples without financial support. Luke 8:1-3 tells about a group of women who financially supported Jesus’ ministry:

“…Joanna the wife of Chuza, Herod’s steward, and Susanna, and many others who were contributing to their support out of their private means.”

Jesus, Paul, and every Sower laboring for the gospel are far more fruitful when they can devote 100% of their energy and concern to their calling, knowing their own needs are being met.

So when you think about what moves God’s heart – generous and cheerful giving and support of his laborers is near the top of the list.


Trust, Accountability, Integrity

With SOWERS, your support goes directly to our local evangelists. Our board members and executive staff all work as unpaid volunteers. We also have a process for admitting new Sowers as supported associates. We only ask for financial support for those who have proven themselves as committed to the work of evangelism.

There is amazing gospel-work going on in these African and Asian nations. The heroic men and women going out on teams of Sowers to train leaders and plant churches need their own heroes to support them. And that could be you.


You can Win People for God’s Kingdom!

Because of the lower standard of living, fully supporting a Sower can be done for just a few hundred dollars a month! Think about that. They’re out there, sharing the gospel to thousands of people each year.

And for just $30, $50, or $100 a month, you can come alongside them and be a force for the gospel.

You provide the resources. They provide the gospel. Together, you make an invincible team, and you both fill God’s heart with joy because you care about what he cares about.

As Paul says in Colossians 3:

Set your minds on things above, and not on earthly things.”


Support a Sower today, and help advance the kingdom of heaven

Small and Large Scale Accounts of God’s Work


The official numbers say that about 83% of Kenyans are Christians, mostly Anglicans or Catholics. Another 11% are Muslims, and about 1% follow the Bahai teachings – a local universalist religion that says all religions come from the same God.

But as anyone knows, these sorts of broad-stroke numbers tell us little about the true spiritual state of individual Kenyans. And the same is true of every other nation in the world.

When God chose David to be king over Israel, he told Samuel something that is just as profound today:

“God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”                               

I Samuel 16:7

Jesus said something similar when rebuking the Pharisees:

“Outwardly, you appear righteous to people, but inwardly you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.”               

Matthew 23:28

The reality today is no different. People outwardly profess to “believe in God,” but they don’t take any steps to actually follow Jesus – his first command to his disciples.


Escaping Addiction

In May 2015 through a SOWERS evangelist in Kenya, three alcoholics repented and gave their lives to God. In doing so, they started something bigger than just turning away from a life of self-indulgence. God’s work in their lives led to a new church strategy to reach out to more people addicted to drugs and alcohol in the area.

Missionary stories like this show the true transformation that only comes through repentance and the power of the God.

Other stories show up even in the broader numbers. It’s easy to overlook, but notice what isn’t in those statistics from Kenya. It used to be dominant. We’re talking about local indigenous and tribal religions. There are still pockets of it in Kenya, and in greater numbers in other African nations.

But notice how tiny the percentages are. Years ago, these tribal sorts of beliefs dominated the continent. Now, they are on the run and declining each year as God’s real power and love overwhelms the fear and perverse idolatry associated with most of these practices.


Every Number is a Living Soul

When SOWERS trains local churches to go spread the gospel in their surrounding communities, this is the goal – sharing the gospel, transforming lives, strengthening communities. We try to track numbers so we can monitor what’s happening. But just like those demographic statistics from Kenya, the numbers only tell the story in broad strokes.

It’s about individuals, like these three who used to be alcoholics, coming to terms with their sin and their need for God, and then finding his love and mercy in abundance as they turn to him. Then they take what God did for them and share it with others. They replicate. Freely they received, and now they freely give.

We hear stories of individuals added to the kingdom of God all the time from our teams in the field. Here are some broader numbers to give you an idea of the kind of impact SOWERS is making in dozens of nations around the world.


Incredible Numbers are Hearing and Responding

In the East African region, which includes Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Uganda, and Kenya, from November 2013 through November 2014, 359 SOWERS missionary teams accomplished the following:

  • Held 1659 open air meetings
  • Shared the gospel with 81,673 people
  • Followed-up with spiritual counseling with 56,043 people
  • Welcomed 15,238 people into churches led by SOWERS ministry teams. Many others joined other churches
  • Planted 76 new churches

With our Bible-centric methods and strategy, we’re impacting many nations with numbers like these, from Ghana to the Philippines to Nepal to Ivory Coast. It happens one meeting at a time.

For example, in Nepal, one Sower named Nabin now works as a full-time evangelist. In June of 2014, he reported that 28 people had been baptized into the Lord Jesus. 28 people! As they grow in faith and get established in local churches, think of the other lives they will impact in the same way.

This is how Jesus wants us all to fulfill the Great Commission – go to all the world to make disciples. And it’s not our power of persuasion. It’s the love of God and the power of the Holy Spirit convicting people in their own hearts, drawing them to himself, forgiving them, and calling on them to follow him.

But people don’t experience this unless someone first tells them. God works through the church. He works through you.

If you sign up for our newsletter, you can hear more missionary stories about new people being added or restored to the kingdom of God.

Do you want to align with God’s mission?

Do you want your life to reflect Jesus’ passion for the lost?

This is our greatest purpose as the church – to prevail against the gates of hell.

Sow in to the kingdom of God today.


Support Nabin or another Sower

Give to the SOWERS general fund

Helping the Church to Go, Sow, Grow

We partner with and train local churches around the world to spread the gospel in their region using open air evangelism.

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