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SOWERS made me to be what I am. I was grounded by SOWERS to understand fully the way of salvation and stand firm and confess my salvation without fear. I can boldly witness to others about Christ without fear. Also my wife Tsitsi was greatly inspired by SOWERS, she is now zealous for souls and she is running a vibrant cell group she started.

D. Mutsawu

Rainbow Ministries Church was planted last year through a SOWERS open air meeting. They report that an average of 65 people attend every Sunday and now have a full-time pastor.

Pastor M was really touched by the way the SOWERS method attracted people. He said, "I am extremely amazed to see people easily coming to the meeting in such a short space of time. I have never seen this before. It's amazing.

Murewa open airUsually some people walk away when you give the invitation to come to Christ, but here it was different. People stood still like soldiers on parade waiting to receive orders from their commander. They were so fascinated, listened attentively as they fixed their eyes on the sketchboard. Their response was overwhelming.

A certain business woman, the owner of a butchery from whom I asked for permission to pitch our sketchboard near her shop, was shocked with the blind-fold game. After the open air meeting she did not hide her bewilderment. She confronted and interrogated me: "What kind of a church is this? Why blind-fold people? Are you not Satanists? If only I knew, I was not going to permit you!" I took my time to explain to her that there are many more ways of killing an animal than cutting its throat. Finally, she understood - there is more than one way to evangelise while true to the Gospel.

Edited, from Edmond

Hopely Farm convertsThe first time we did an Open Air at it was received with mixed feeling by the small church. To them it was a very strange way of reaching out to the lost. They were accustomed to big crusades with public address systems. Therefore, a small wooden box called a "Sketch-Board" was despised in their eyes and mind. However, after the Open Air Meeting, they confessed that "Indeed the Sketchboard was simple, cheap and effective" as compared to mass crusades.

Let me share with you what I have been doing. In January we had a Level 2 Seminar with Delight in Harare. He did quite well. There were 5 students trained and all of them passed.  At the open air 70% gave their life to the Lord.  I am so happy to see this young man growing as a strong leader in the army of the Lord.

I also had some time with Emmanuel who is also conducting Open Airs in St Mary’s township.  I had time to encourage and help him improve his ministry.

Also in January we went to Chihota for three days. Chihota is in Mashonaland South. And it is 167 km from Harare. So if you go there you must be prepared to stay for some time away from home.  We had a Level  1 seminar in Pastor Herbert’s home area with 12 students and conducted an open air which saw us counsel 19 people. Eight were from Village 10, a nearby village. Follow ups were arranged in Village 10 and the new believers are serious about their decision.  So a church was started in that area.

With that opening I saw a need for me to regularly go there and continue to disciple believers there and do open airs. That area is really ripe for the gospel.  Twice a week I have been there since then.

Early February we conducted a Level 2 Seminar for 6 of the 12 students we trained in January. The results were awesome. There are open doors for Church planting in other areas in Chihota.

We were targeting to plant three Churches this year but it looks like there are going to be more than that number. In Harare I have managed to speak to 16 Pastors who are all in need of the SOWERS Program. The work is slowly growing.

We praise the Lord for your faithfulness in prayer!


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