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In the Eastern Province, a man who was very drunk came to an open air meeting. He mobilized his fellow drunkards to bring confusion and stop people attending. The man lost his balance and fell causing serious bruises on his face. The program came to a standstill and his friends got him up and took him away. The program continued and some of his friends came back and two gave their lives to God at the end of the meeting.

A SOWERS team on the Luapula Plateau, Zambia planted four new churches last year. The new churches are almost 50kms from the main road and are 10-15kms apart. Bibles funded by the Tasmanian Bible Society Project will be given to these new churches.

The things refreshed were: Sketching workshop, counselling booklets, follow up material, Roll and Report forms, sketch message “ How to be used by God” and many other things. Thank the Lord for refreshing our minds and seeing how some of the participants who were asleep will go back home to use their long forgotten method. Many of them purchased materials and promised to start conducting seminars. The seminar was not only to refresh but also to strategise the work, and plans for the work in the Province were tabled.

Thanks be to God almighty. The seminar being important, was attended by a good number more participants than we were expecting. We had 48 people attend the seminar from all over the Province.

Many other things which we discussed in the seminar were: development of the work in Zambia, 2013 region or provincial Sowers Conference, area reports etc - sure it was also a time of wonderful fellowship, knowing each other and being encouraged by what is happening in other parts of the province.2011 luapula l34 refresher

We hired a lorry to take us to Kashikishi. This lorry collected the participants from Samfya to Kashikishi. Due to many who attended, we faced a problem of lack of food. After a church service on Sunday, there was jubilation among the participants and the church members when saying goodbye to each other. Participants were delighted by the programme and wish that this type of seminar be held annually. As a Province we take this opportunity to appreciate those who prayed for this programme and supported it financially and materially. May the good Lord richly bless them all.


A church has been planted by Nseluka Combined SOWERS in the nearby Paramount Chief's area. When SOWERS went to the area they were chased away because people thought they were satanists. The place where they chose to hold the open air was quite close to where the witch doctor lived.Shona witchdoctor The witch doctor also wanted to chase them away but his wife insisted that they be allowed to stay. They held the open air meeting and at the end of the message an invitation was given and the first people to come forward were the witch doctor and his wife.

The lives of these two people changed dramatically and they are now so thankful to God for what he is doing through the gospel of Jesus and through the work of SOWERS. The former witch doctor has stopped all the evil things he was doing and he and his wife are growing as Christians. He has been taught how to use the counselling booklet and is now sharing the gospel with people in his community.

Grace as a young child was abandoned by her parents. She became involved in many bad things, prostitution, drugs etc. Her life was a mess. Eventually she married a man who already had three wives and life became even more difficult for her. She became pregnant, and things becomes worse.

One day she was passing though the village and came across an open air meeting. She stopped and listened and at the end of the meeting received the Lord as her personal Saviour. From that day Grace became a changed person and is now working with young girls to help stop them follow the pathway she trod. She has stopped using drugs and has told the man she married that she can not be married to a man who has three wives”. Please pray for Grace.

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