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John writes, "As a young man growing up in Mwense District in the Luapula Valley, I became involved in all sorts of evil things like, smoking, drinking and adultery. My life was a real mess. Later on I became a fisherman and in 1978, I gave my life to Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour and the Lord called me to serve Him.

In 1988, I attended GLO Discipleship Training College in Ndola and there I learnt about SOWERS and was trained at Level 1 and 2.   I then became burdened to bring people to Christ as I saw that in my country we need to bring people to Christ using this simple method of preaching and reaching people with the Gospel. The first time I used it was in Nchelenge when 650 people attended the meeting. This led me to work with SOWERS.


John lives in Kasama with his wife and their family. He has been working full time with SOWERS in Zambia since 1997 and coordinates SOWERS work in the Northern Province. As a Level 6 Sower he teaches Seminars and trains Sowers at higher levels of the Program. He has the language, the training and the abilities needed for this work. He has the time to the extent that partners can release him from working to feed his family. Would you join us in praying that financial and prayer partners will be found?

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