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A few weeks ago I preached in our home church. It was a challenging message but it is hard to work through the book of James and not be challenged. Four people responded including one person who had been resisting the Lord for more than ten years. God is still in the business of transforming lives and He still calls us to go out with His message of love and reconciliation.

Outdoor evangelism continues to be a great way of bringing many into the Kingdom in developing countries. While this method does not work so effectively here, NZ still has a strategic role to play in world missions and I am inviting you to join with us.

murray suisted 0807Ghana, Zambia and DR Congo are seeing many people respond and the work in Nepal is steadily developing. The opportunities and challenges that India presents are huge but the fledgling work there is already bearing fruit. One Mission Director alone has requested that all 500 of their Missionaries and Pastors receive SOWERS training, something that would require our Asian directors to teach back to back seminars for four months training 30 people a week just to get them proficient in the first 2 levels of the Program!

Reports of witchdoctor’s burning their fetishes, drunkards giving up their drink, village chiefs accepting the Lord and normal everyday people placing their faith and trust in Jesus are not uncommon as the light of God’s love shines in areas where darkness has reigned for centuries.


Over the last decade, between 50 and 100 new churches have been planted each year as faithful Sowers go out with the Good News of Jesus. Sitting here in NZ, we may feel a million miles away from what God is doing in some of these countries. We needn’t. Prayer has no boundaries and even “closed countries” can’t keep out its effects.

Sowing is not easy, our workers labour hard in difficult conditions with much spiritual opposition. You can have a vital stake in the establishment of God’s Kingdom from home as you pray and intercede for those who toil in faraway lands.

And you can give. Not one of our Sowers is over supported. Every one of them struggles to feed their family, pay the rent, the school fees…life is not easy. And yet they continue, year after year, to go out and sow and reap and encourage.

Maybe we don’t have the harvest here in NZ that we are seeing elsewhere but we do have the means to enable Sowers in other countries to reap more effectively. By praying for and supporting a Sower or a project, you can have a stake in this work and be a part of what God is doing.

Will you join us?

NZ National Director

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