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The site was no different to dozens of others I have seen, a dusty street with a fruit vendor sitting behind her rickety table and a couple of mangy dogs sunning themselves. The open air started slowly, too slowly for my liking but soon a crowd gathered around and it progressed from the introductory sketch to the drama, testimony to the message. A few of the 50 or so listeners made their exit at this point but other passersby stopped to see what was happening.

With everything being done in Bemba, my French was of no use so I snuck around the fringes of the meeting to get a few photos. Saidi, positioned to the right of the sketch board, looked like a tin soldier and I tried to encourage him to smile while Kafusha, in his peach coloured dress shirt and tie, radiated quiet contentment. Aged over 60, he knew his role would soon begin.

The invitation was given and eventually a young guy responded, and then another and another. The meeting was closed and the SOWERS team went to work with each member counselling two or three people. Meanwhile, Kafusha stepped closer to the sketch board. It did not take long for a curious passerby to meander across to look at what was drawn and written. While it may have looked random to the onlooker, it took Kafusha little time to explain. Then their heads were bowed as they prayed.

After introducing the brand new believer to a team-mate who would take down the contact details, Kafusha returned to his spot and it was only seconds later that another person approached the sketch board. Kafusha gently began to speak and the result was the same. A young guy was next, drawn to his warm friendly smile, and it wasn’t too long before he too bowed his head.

“Qu’est ce se passe ici”? the voice behind me said. “Come and meet Kafusha” I replied, “and he will explain everything to you.” And he did and they bowed their heads together.

Twenty eight people bowed their heads that day in Lubumbashi even though it was only supposed to be a “demonstration” open air to show my cousin how the SOWERS Program works. He never made it as he was busy preparing his sermon for the next day but 28 people did because a few Sowers were willing to go out with the Good News of Jesus.

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