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A Nepali pastor attending an international evangelism conference saw a presentation about the SOWERS Program. He was so impressed by its effectiveness he invited SOWERS INTERNATIONAL to come to Nepal and train him and his church.

Though the work is still in its infancy in Nepal, more and more are inviting SOWERS to come and train them in this particularly effective method of open air evangelism.

After I came back from east Nepal I mobilized our church team for an open air outreach. Seventy people heard the gospel and fifteen gave their hearts to Christ. Now our church leaders and evangelists travel 20km each Wednesday for follow-up.

After some months of preparation we are going to anoint some leaders in branch churches. Two of the leaders are from two churches that were started as a result of SOWERS outreaches.

I talked with my father about the goat project and field. He is happy to donate 3 ropani of land on the mountain. Two men will partner with us for the goat and chicken projects. One is near our mountain land and the other is near the bus park in Surkhet Valley. The chicken farmer is also willing to donate his land but we will need to meet all other costs.

“We have wonderful good news, joyful news for us all; it is God's blessing and His mercy! Within two week five educated person (Youth) have come in the Lord, and one family is ready to accept Christ, they have promised to accept Jesus saying their Lord and Saviour in this coming weekly service. We need your prayer and suggestion please.

[Two days later…] “Yes, (these five person) people became believers through our SOWERS ministry methods. Well, we arrived at home just a few minutes ago from Open Air Preaching, from Leguwa Bazar. We thanked to God because He helped us to do all things in that place. We were enabled to preach the Gospel and to share the Testimony among more than 100 people. There were more than 100 people gathered and listened the program.”        J (Name withheld for security reasons.)

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We partner with and train local churches around the world to spread the gospel in their region using open air evangelism.

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