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Blackson is a Pastor and a Level 4 Sower who serves part time in the Central Region of Malawi.

UPDATE - Blackson and family have now moved to the northern region to pioneer new areas.

  • Death to life with the Jesus film
  • Shared passion

Blackson tells the story of the day his life changed,

"It was on 12/12/1984 when people from Scripture Gift Mission in Lilongwe came in our area of Mchinji. They were showing the Jesus film and at the end of the film they preached about 'why Jesus was nailed on the cross.' They said he was nailed on the cross to save those who are lost in sin. And by then I was lost in sin, so I gave my life to Jesus that day."

Blackson had a new passion,

"When I was trained at Level 1, I discovered that it [the SOWERS Program] is a good way of reaching lost souls with the Gospel. So because I had the same intention I thought it wise to get involved in the SOWERS Program.

"I train church teams at Level 1 and 2. I follow up teams and the Level 3 Sowers to encourage them by conducting open air meetings with them and urging them to continue sowing the good news of the Gospel. I also help Godfrey in the SOWERS Office."


Blackson is carrying out a vital service, enabling churches to more effectively reach their communities for Christ. He has the language, the training and the abilities needed for this work. He has the time to the extent that partners can release him from working to feed his family. Would you join us in praying that financial and prayer partners will be found? Can you help Blackson financially? Donate now.

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