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Godfrey and his wife J and their children live in Lilongwe. Godfrey is a Level 6 Sower who coordinates SOWERS activities in Malawi as National Director. He teaches SOWERS Trainers at the different Levels of the SOWERS Program. He also assists the national Board and is responsible for the development of the SOWERS Program in the Central and Northern Regions of Malawi. He introduces the SOWERS Program to Pastors and new churches.

Godfrey writes,

"It was while at secondary school that I heard the Gospel and accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of my life. This event changed my life from being self-centred and reckless to a new life in Christ. When I trusted God my life was changed for good and I felt secure in Him.

"I had a passion to reach lost souls but did not know how to take the Good News to them. When I attended Level 1 and Level 2 seminars in 1997, I believed that the training was an answer to my need. For years I had searched for a method that is simple, sharp and interesting to people. The SOWERS method was such and it attracted me to become a Sower reaching the people in my community with the Gospel. The sketchboard created in me an interest and curiosity to go out often to sketch the Gospel to lost souls. The SOWERS method became part of my every day ministry.


Godfrey is carrying out a vital service, enabling churches to more effectively reach their communities for Christ. He has the language, the training and the abilities needed for this work. He has the time to the extent that partners can release him from working to feed his family. Would you join us in praying that financial and prayer partners will be found? Can you help? Donate to Godfrey's support

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