Emme M writes, "I reconciled two girls who have been enemies for more than a year without speaking to each other but they were once friends. A drunkard person accepted Jesus Christ at the open air meeting. A lot of people are joining churches due to SOWERS' ministry, 3 families, 4 unbelievers and 2 Muslims have joined Malawi Assemblies of God church because of Sowers ministry."


Emme also writes, "I went to an open air with my family, my husband helped to erect the sketch board, my children did the noise to attract people and I preached. Two families received Jesus, one family a Muslim family."


"We had an open air meeting and the results were: (i) 80 (ii) 0 (iii) 50. We visited 15 new believers. One Muslim who converted to Christianity was trained in Level 1 and is waiting to be trained in Level 2."


Emme writes again, "I mobilized 7 people to be trained in level 1, we went to the open air and the results were as follow: (i) 70 (ii) 0 (iii) 20. Those who received Jesus began to tell others the message we shared to them right away there. I also visited 10 new believers. I conducted level1 training and 6 people were trained and 8 people are committed to be trained in level 2. The open air we held the results were as follow: (i) 43 (ii) 0 (iii) 13."

Helping the Church to Go, Sow, Grow

We partner with and train local churches around the world to spread the gospel in their region using open air evangelism.

Build up your faith -- see the Gospel plant and grow

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