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Emmanuel was raised in a family that was not only poor but also pagan in which occultic practices and the observations of traditional and cultural practices were the norm.

"Today I am very happy that the Lord saved me from the wide road that leads to death (Matt 7:13). It is thanks to the visit of an evangelist who came to our house the evening of our pagan ceremonies on the 24th December. I heard for the first time in my life the message of the love of the Father who sent His Son Jesus Christ who was born, lived and died in my place. This all took place in my birth village of Kabalo on the 24th December 1972."

Leading to SOWERS

"After finishing my Bible and Mission studies at an Institute in Lubumbashi the Spirit of the Lord led me to leave the city and go to some small villages far away in my Province to reach the Pygmies – an unreached people group.

"Plans fail for a lack of counsel, but with many advisors they succeed. Prov 15:22 On this point I am very thankful for three New Zealand families who prayed with me during the first months after finishing my study. In November 1990 I was one of hundreds who attended the first SOWERS Level One training in Lububmbashi. My interest to put into practice what I had learnt tied into my vocation as an evangelist, and this swayed me to get involved in the ministry of SOWERS International."

Present work in SOWERS

"The biggest experience that I have in the ministry is to be able to mobilise local church members (from town or city churches) and train them in the use of the Counselling Brochure that is connected with training them at Level One so they can evangelise publically or from house to house. Following that, those who have the gift of evangelisation are trained further to be more effective in winning souls for Christ. This is what has helped us to this point in planting new churches within my own community and but also in other Christian communities."

Project purpose

The purpose of this project is to provide sufficient financial support for his family that Emmanuel is able to spend his time in the ministry.

Cost USD225 / month

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