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Local evangelists like Emmanuel K have immediate impact once they are trained to evangelize their communities. Here’s Emmanuel’s story:

"I came from a broken home and was often involved in fights and drinking. I vividly remember the day when I became a Christian. It was in August 1986, and I was in the market selling cigarettes. Something was going on at the edge of the market. So I moved across to see what was happening. I caught sight of a man painting something on a board, and I decided I was going to make trouble and stop him.

But as I moved closer, what he was saying caught my attention. I forgot about causing a problem and listened closely. At the end of the meeting I prayed a simple prayer with the preacher, and he also followed me up. It took some time for my old ways to leave me, but slowly my life changed. I am now a church planter and a pastor, and have progressed through the various levels of the SOWERS Program."

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How does SOWERS work? What do we do?

Our central strategy uses a 6-Level Evangelism Training program that engages brand new believers as well as established leaders who want to grow their impact for God’s kingdom. The goal is to continually raise up new evangelists and missionaries to reach thousands of people in developing nations, where open air evangelism has proven to be highly effective.

Follow “Chike” as he goes through the Levels to become a soul-winning national evangelist and missionary:

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Helping the Church to Go, Sow, Grow

We partner with and train local churches around the world to spread the gospel in their region using open air evangelism.

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