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Continuing with the internship dynamic of Level 4, Level 5 takes the next logical step and trains people how to teach the Level 3 course.

This is where the multiplication starts to happen. Level 5 graduates are referred to as “SOWERS Trainers of Trainers.” These are fruitful, reliable church leaders on a regional or national level.

There are three divisions within the SOWERS method. The first two Levels are the foundation – learn how to minister and lead in open air meetings. The next two Levels equip people to teach the first two Levels. And the last two Levels train them to teach Levels 3 and 4.

So, in a typical Level 1 course, it is common to see a Level 3 and a Level 5 in the room. The Level 3 is teaching it, and the Level 5 is observing the Level 3. Likewise, during a Level 2 course, a Level 4 teaches it, and a Level 6 observes and trains the instructor.


                Level 5 Testimony – Overcoming Opposition

I started SOWERS in 1995 and I was trained at Level 5 in 2014. In SOWERS I have found boldness in witnessing despite opposition. My prayer life has changed to become consistent. I have developed a sense of devotion in the Word of God.  My teaching has impacted many whom I have taught. Their lives have changed and many have become involved in the SOWERS ministry.                    -Asford C, Zambia

                (See more Level 5 testimonials at the end of this page. Or, go here to see testimonies from all 6 levels)


Firmly Planted Church Leaders

If you’ve ever done any sort of ministry, you know that the leaders often grow more than the people under their care. One reason for this is because – they need it!

In addition to training new leaders to teach the Level 3 course, Level 5 can also include a variety of other trainings, such as marriage counseling, time management, and parenting. This is all to help the Level 5 be established firmly in their faith so they can be effective ministers of the gospel.


Level 5 Fast Facts

Who attends:

Any Level 4 Sower who shows the potential to teach and arrange Level 3 seminars. There is a natural progression here. After teaching enough Level 2 courses, the Level 4 will begin attending and working with Level 3 classes. Eventually, they begin teaching them under supervision to reach Level 5.


Who teaches:

The Level 6 Sowers administer the Level 5 training. Ideally, there will be someone from that nation who can teach this, but if no one is yet at Level 6 in that nation, someone will be brought in, or the Regional Director will do it. For example, three of the East African nations have their own Level 6 Sowers. But currently, none of the Asian nations do.


How long it takes:

The bulk of the work happens organically over several months. Level 4’s just start working with the Level 3 courses while another Level 5 teaches them. At some point, when deemed ready to become Level 5 Trainers, the Level 6 Sower will show up to assess their readiness to teach it themselves.

From that point, it takes about 6 days, not all in a row. One day is for learning the Level 3 training materials. Then, teaching the Level 3 course takes 3 days. Finally, the Level 3 graduates have to be assessed on their own Level 1 teaching.


What they learn:

They learn how to teach the Level 3 course.

Other than that, a lot of this depends on the needs of the minister. As you read up above, part of this is about building up the church leader to strengthen their own walk with God. This can include conferences, retreats, and specific seminars.

The goal is more leadership. Level 5’s often become Area Supervisors, managing the ministry in their region or nation. In Biblical times, the Level 5 and Level 6 Sowers would be like apostles, overseeing ministries they and others have planted, as well as starting new ones.


Level 5 Testimonies

Kenya – Empowering Churches for Evangelism

Level Four helped know how organize seminars and how to approach pastors and promote the SOWERS Program to them.

SOWERS has helped me to discover my gift as an evangelist.

SOWERS has helped me to have a heart to care for believers.

When I was trained at Level Five my vision was expanded as I now knew how to empower more churches in evangelism and to raise up leaders to move on with the SOWERS Program.

I have been in different forums of training on evangelism but SOWERS surpasses them all. It is unique as it helps all the church to get involved in evangelism. SOWERS helps the body of Christ to understand and know the gospel and share it. It helped me to grow in the area of maintaining my preaching and teaching the true gospel.



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How does SOWERS work? What do we do?

Our central strategy uses a 6-Level Evangelism Training program that engages brand new believers as well as established leaders who want to grow their impact for God’s kingdom. The goal is to continually raise up new evangelists and missionaries to reach thousands of people in developing nations, where open air evangelism has proven to be highly effective.

Follow “Chike” as he goes through the Levels to become a soul-winning national evangelist and missionary:

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