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The apostle Paul teaches a powerful principle in 2 Timothy. It’s the principle of replication – how we multiply and grow the church.

“The things which you have heard from me through many witnesses, deposit these with faithful people who will be competent to teach others also.”

                                2 Timothy 2:2

Paul squeezes four spiritual generations in one sentence: himself, Timothy, the people Timothy is discipling, and the ones those people will teach later.

SOWERS method of evangelism training and church planting is built upon this principle. We build and plant for the future, beyond what we ourselves will ever see. The people who produce our fruit may be two or more spiritual generations separated from us.

Level 3 is where this replication begins. Level 3 teaches students how to teach the Level 1 course. So, the things they learned, they are now teaching to others. And when those students reach Level 3, they’ll teach it to others. Just like Paul tells Timothy.

                Level 3 Testimony – Revitalized Evangelism

“I was a church leader, but I had reached a dead end concerning taking the ministry of evangelism any further. I am delighted to testify that when I reached Level 3, a great change happened in my life and ministry. I let go of my old approaches and started preaching clear, simple and urgent messages. These days things are different; people flock in my meetings as never before.  I have so far taught four Level 1 Seminars and helped in preparing three Level 2 Seminars while continuing with the holding of the open air meetings as well.”                                                -Wilson T, Uganda

               (See more Level 3 testimonials at the end of this page. Or, go here to see testimonies from all 6 levels)


Raising up Church Planters

In addition to learning how to teach the Level 1 course, Level 3 students improve and enhance their leadership skills and open air ministry administration.

They work through a Leadership Resource Manual, where they broaden their ‘toolkits’ in open air ministry, gaining new skills they can use when ministering to people and planting churches. Because these students have been part of at least ten open air meetings, by this point they are confident and secure in their ability to be used by God.

Level 3 is where students become church planters.


Level 3 Fast Facts

Who attends:

Any Level 2 graduate who has also completed at least ten open air meetings, and has demonstrated teaching potential by preaching with a sketch board at least twice.


Who teaches:

Level 5 or 6 Sowers teach the Level 3 course. Most nations have Level 5 ministers who can teach these courses to their own people, which is always the goal in SOWERS. We want local leaders training local churches. But if one can’t be found, such as in a nation we haven’t been working in as long, then a Regional Director, or Level 5 appointed by one, can be brought in.  All the East African nations have several Level 5 ministers.


How long it takes:

About 2 – 3 days, depending on the abilities of the students.


What they learn:

The hands on approach continues, along with the Leadership Resource Manual translated into the local language to build up skills. This course also sees more experience-based discussions about their open air meetings.

  1. Review and Improve Open Air Ministry

After each open air meeting, the Level 2 leaders write reports. This part of the Level 3 course involves looking over those reports, discussing what went well and what didn’t, and talking about ways to improve their methods. This part is a coaching/mentoring style of teaching.

  1. Enhancing Team Leadership Skills

The Manual explores numerous ways to build the church, essential elements for church planters. These topics include:

  • Motivating your church to want to do evangelism
  • Starting and running prayer cells
  • Additional forms of presentation, such as interview testimonies, mini-dramas, and object lessons
  • New sketch board sermons to use at future open air meetings
  1. Hands-on Training to Teach Level 1

The heart of the Level 3 course, here students learn how to instruct on all the principles and methods of the Level 1 course, including how to help the Level 1 students walk people through the booklet.

After completing the Level 3 Training, these leaders can train new leaders, preach at open air meetings, lead evangelism teams, and plant churches. They are equipped to spread the gospel to new places.


Level 3 Testimonies

Zambia – Partnered for God

I started the SOWERS Program in 2002 this is when I did Level 1. In SOWERS I have known how to preach the Gospel to people and how to plant churches. SOWERS has also helped me and my wife to know how to do God’s work as a couple. In 2014 I did my Level 3 and I am still working as a Sower. I have helped many people. I want to work extra hard in the future.

I have taught many people and they are also working and have started bringing people to Christ.                                  

                                    -Paul M.

Uganda – Boldly and Gently Proclaiming

Before I joined the SOWERS Program, I was young spiritually and I could not even speak to a crowd of people. I was shy, fearful and I could not even give my testimony in the church. Since I was trained in the SOWERS Program, I have grown spiritually, I can teach the word of God, I know how to counsel a person and how to give my testimony. 

I am able to participate in all parts of an open air meeting. I know how to counsel back-sliders and how to follow up new Christians.  I would encourage anybody to join the SOWERS Program because of the way it has transformed my life and ministry.

                                    -Charles M

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How does SOWERS work? What do we do?

Our central strategy uses a 6-Level Evangelism Training program that engages brand new believers as well as established leaders who want to grow their impact for God’s kingdom. The goal is to continually raise up new evangelists and missionaries to reach thousands of people in developing nations, where open air evangelism has proven to be highly effective.

Follow “Chike” as he goes through the Levels to become a soul-winning national evangelist and missionary:

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