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Jesus never intended that church leaders should do everything.

The heart of the church is leadership development. In Ephesians 4:12, Paul makes this clear when he tells us what church leaders are supposed to do:

“…for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ.”

Level 2 is all about leadership development. It trains students to lead open air meetings, from planning to presentation to the invitation to accept Christ to the follow-up strategy. All through the SOWERS program, you’ll notice the constant emphasis on training others while you’re learning at the same time.

In almost every Level, the same person training others is also being trained themselves. We call this a “Progressive Training Model” for this reason.

                Level 2 Testimony – Continuous Church Growth

“I praise the Lord for the SOWERS seminars. Our ministry here is growing more through the SOWERS open airs. Every Sunday we have five to ten newcomers.”                      -A L2 graduate from The Philippines

                (See more Level 2 testimonials at the end of this page. Or, go here to see testimonies from all 6 levels)


Becoming a Minister

Level 2 is ideal for anyone who works at any level of leadership in a church, and for anyone who aspires to lead a ministry team. This could include strong and mature church members, Bible study leaders, youth ministers, men or women. In a SOWERS-led church, it’s anyone who has completed Level 1.

Running a successful open air meeting takes a lot of planning. You can see the 8 parts of a typical meeting here. Depending on the location, permits might be necessary. This course covers practical tasks such as preparing sketch board materials, planning who will share a testimony, music or drama presentation, and the actual preaching.

Using a hands-on workshop based approach, students in Level 2 get to practice preaching to each other, as well as preparing sketch boards. They also learn how to share their testimonies in 3 minutes. This is a vital skill that more churches all over the world need to emphasize. We should always be ready to give an answer for the hope that is in us. That means we need to know what God has done for us, and be able to tell someone quickly and with clarity.

A good testimony has 3 parts:

  • Your life before God – make it clear how lost you were, but don’t dwell too long here
  • How you encountered God – what led you to respond
  • Your life after you chose to follow him – what is different now

In a good testimony, God is the hero. Not our intellect, or our emotions, or our family influence. What did God save us from, and what has he empowered us to do?


Level 2 Fast Facts

Who attends:

Level 1 graduates who want to have greater impact in the world for the gospel. Ideally they should demonstrate some level of maturity. If there were ever any doubt, a church leader would be consulted first.


Who teaches:

Level 4 graduates, or anyone above that. And the Level 4 instructor is encouraged to bring along a Level 3 so they can learn how to teach this course. It’s our constant cycle of teaching and training, both at the same time at all Levels.


How long it takes:

About 30 hours, usually spread over 3 or 4 days, depending on how much time is spent building relationships and eating together. Sometimes Level 1 and 2 are combined, which takes about 5 days.


What they learn:

There’s a strong dose of both classroom-style instruction and hands-on practice in Level 2. The course covers one main topic – how to lead open air meetings. But it also provides scriptural inspiration for “sowing” the gospel, and some history of open air preaching.

  1. How to lead open air meetings

  • Team leadership, planning future meetings, permit applications, working with a team
  • Presentation skills – how to preach with paint and brushes, 3 kinds of lettering and different figures they can draw, eye contact and body language, organizing materials, dealing with drunkards or other unruly bystanders
  • How to give your testimony in 3 minutes
  • How to present a call to God – invitation to repent and follow Jesus
  • Strategies for gathering people to listen – how to build interest and concern
  1. History and Bible teaching

  • How to “plant well,” using the parable of the sower in Luke 8. Each day begins with an inspiring message about the parable and the seed.
  • Early history of various open air preachers such as George Whitfield, John Wesley, William Booth, John Sung
  • How to sow fruitfully, using Ecclesiastes 11:1-6

As with all the Levels, the written materials are translated into local languages, and when possible, taught by local leaders.

After the workshop, the graduates go out and run the next open air meeting, ideally with two or three Level 2’s working together this first time. Afterward, they return and debrief, and looks for ways to improve the next one.

Finally, this Level has an end-of-course exam covering the main principles of open air evangelism. To pass, they must score 75%. Failure to pass does not mean they can’t lead open air ministry teams, but it does mean they cannot move on to Level 3.

Then, they evaluate the course. Some of those evaluations are below, along with other stories from the harvest field after people took the Level 2 course.


Level 2 Testimonies

Pastor Ram of Nepal had been searching for a satisfactory method of evangelism. After being trained to Level 2 in 2007, he found the SOWERS Program the best approach for rural evangelism. After his team had done seven meetings, 160 new people started attending his church and 40 were baptized.

Here are some other Level 2 testimonies:

Philippines – From Soldier to Soul-Winner

N. was a soldier in the New People's Army (NPA), a feared revolutionary group in the Philippines. On one of his excursions, he came across an open air meeting in action. He was captivated by what he saw and heard and at the end of the meeting, was counseled for salvation.

His aunt was a member of an evangelical church where a L1 &2 seminar was planned, so she paid for N to go to this seminar. Though he didn't want to do the course – especially the sketch board workshop – (he hated art and at school had never done his own artwork for homework, but always got someone else to do it for him) he found that he was able to master the simple skills that were taught.

He went out with the team, saw souls saved and became one of the best open air preachers we have in the Philippines. His wife comments 'His passion is SOWERS'. Today he is a SOWERS full-time worker, being sponsored by people in his own country. He is a real enthusiastic trainer and promoter of the SI Program.

Zambia – Fearless Replication

I started my SOWERS Program in 2001. In 2007 I did Level 2. Since then, I have been helped by the SOWERS Program in many ways such as knowing how to preach the Gospel to the lost. Teachings from SOWERS have removed fear in me. I have learnt many ways of preaching the gospel.

Many who I have brought to know Jesus Christ have shown interest to do the SOWERS Program so that they can start leading people to Christ.

                                                -Lazarus M

Philippines – The Key to Breakthrough

“I started planting churches when I was 25 years old, a few years after my graduation from a Bible School. I thought I knew everything about church-planting since I love evangelism and keep doing it. I really did hard work and exerted much effort on it, resulting in fatigue and burnout. I found no reasonable outcome for my endeavor.

In fact, I spent six years in the first church I planted and six years again in the second. I felt helpless and hopeless in my evangelistic ministry. I thought, “Lord may be I am not called for this.”

An answer to my wordless prayer came through John and Winsome, missionaries with SOWERS International. They conducted Level 1 and 2 seminars in our area. I was so impressed with the result of our first open air meeting and I was converted to become an open air preacher.

I went to places that didn't have churches yet and was able to organize more without the feeling of uncertainty, burnout, etc.

At the moment, I am thinking also of training churches around the area who are just maintaining their numbers and just waiting for people to come in. I am praying to offer SOWERS training free so that others can witness the effective results of going out to sow through the SOWERS Program.”                   -Norsie L, 2014                                                        

Nepal – Expanded Vision

“Actually, I am challenged to evangelizing to people through sketchboard. I would like to use this seminar among youth and students... Specially I would like to recommend to local churches and daughter churches”

Philippines – Most Efficient Use of Funds

“I have seen the easiest way in evangelism … the SOWERS open air meeting is the most effective and only a little amount of money was spent compared to other ways of evangelism. It is the easiest way of drawing a crowd.”

Kenya – Inspiring the Local Church

I did Level 1 training in 2014 and Level 2 in 2015. Through the training I have benefited in the following ways. 

  1. As a Team leader, I am able to plan an open air meeting using proper programming
  2. I have learnt the use of the sketch board to prepare the introductory sketches and sermons for open air meetings.
  3. I have gained skills to lead people to Christ using the counselling booklet.
  4. Evangelism has become easier in our Church and we have started home cells in two locations.    

I have gained confidence and now I am able to go out to open air meetings.  I look forward to being trained at higher Levels of the Program so I can train others also in Kenya.

                                    -John M


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Our central strategy uses a 6-Level Evangelism Training program that engages brand new believers as well as established leaders who want to grow their impact for God’s kingdom. The goal is to continually raise up new evangelists and missionaries to reach thousands of people in developing nations, where open air evangelism has proven to be highly effective.

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