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Sharing the gospel and making disciples is the fundamental calling on every Christian.
Matthew 28 tells us clearly to do four things:

  1. Go into the world
  2. Make disciples of people from all nations
  3. Baptize them
  4. Teach them to follow the commands of God.

When God lights someone’s fire and they want to tell others about Jesus, they still need to learn how to do it well. Even long-time Christians sometimes have no clue how to share their faith. So, whether brand new believers or people who’ve been Christians for years, Level 1 is about how to share your faith, specifically in the context of open air meetings.

                Level 1 Testimony – Fruit, not Argument

My training at Level 1 has made me to become very relevant to the unbelievers in delivering the Gospel message to them. My use of the counselling booklets has saved me from the bitter arguments and abuses I used to get when counselling people.  At least 3 people of those I have counselled, have already become active members of our church.                               -Karamagi D – Uganda

               (See more Level 1 testimonials at the end of this page. Or, go here to see testimonies from all 6 levels)


Illiteracy – Not a Barrier

The nations where SOWERS operates often have high rates of illiteracy, sometimes approaching 50% like in Malawi. But that’s not a hindrance to Level 1 – you can lead people to Christ even if you can’t read.

This is possible because of the “Big Question” booklet that SOWERS has developed for open air meetings, which uses visuals such as the “bridge illustration” to show people how sin has separated us from God, and how Jesus bridges the gap.

Level 1 teaches people how to use the booklet to lead people to salvation after they’ve heard a message preached by someone from Level 2 or higher at an open air meeting. They learn to pray with people, to answer questions, and to counsel them in basic spiritual truth. If the person they’re counseling has greater needs, then they pass them to someone with more training.

You can’t make disciples standing in front of a crowd. That happens one on one. Level 1 initiates the discipleship process for new believers.


Level 1 Fast Facts

Who attends:

New Christians, local church members who want to learn how to share the gospel.


Who teaches:

Level 3 graduates, or anyone above that.


How long it takes:

10-12 hours, usually spread over 2 or 3 days. Sometimes Level 1 is followed immediately by Level 2, in which case it takes longer.


What they learn:

Level 1 teaches five aspects of sharing the gospel at open air meetings. These focus on character, practical issues, and working with new believers. Here are the five components of the course:

  1. How to be used by God

This is a 4-part message meant to build godly character, which is vital if someone wants to be an effective minister. It teaches:

  • Being clean (purity in behavior)
  • Being one (unity within the church among believers, even different denominations)
  • Being filled with the Spirit – learning it’s God’s power, and not ours, that does the work in other people’s hearts
  • Prayer – how to pray for others and for yourself
  1. Leading someone to Christ

After every open air meeting, many people will respond to the message. This is why SOWERS-based evangelism always happens in teams. This part of the course teaches how to approach people who want to learn more about Jesus, and how to lead them through the booklet.

  1. Behavior in open air meetings

This is the most practical session, dealing with how to behave during the outreach. This includes things like body language, how to stand, eye contact, listening well, working with your team, and how to use musicians and testimonies.

Open air meetings are not what some Western Christians might think at first – these are not raving street preachers shouting at passersby. They are well-planned, respectfully presented outreaches with specific strategies and guidelines for the team.

  1. Counseling

Using the booklet is one thing, but when you have a real person in front of you, unexpected things will happen. People have needs. Questions. Doubts. Fears. This part of the course teaches basic spiritual counseling – how to answer fundamental questions about sin, God, repentance, and how to work with people where they are.

  1. Basic spiritual parenting

Open air meetings initiate, but discipleship demands follow-up. This section teaches how to do inductive Bible studies so they can work with the new believers in the months afterward. Inductive studies do not need manuals or pre-written guides – it’s just how to read and study the Bible, and how to apply it to your life.

With this skill, Level 1 graduates will grow in their own faith as well as be able to lead others. This course equips them to follow up and nurture new Christians until they become mature in their faith. This also means plugging them in to the local church.

At the end of this section, students sign a commitment to be spiritual parents to anyone they lead to Christ at an open air meeting. This is between them and God – it is not something the teacher checks.

A huge page of Level 1 is the Open Air Meeting which is conducted by the teacher. The students put into practice what they learned in the Level 1 sessions. After the meeting they help counsel the people who respond.


Level 1 Testimonies

Philippines: The Children Shall Lead

While in the Philippines, we were invited to a church in a very poor area to help with an L1 seminar, while mentoring a L3 trainer.

During lunch, a boy of 12 who had been brought along to church by his Christian friend was counseled for salvation. He then stayed and participated in the L1 seminar. At the demonstration open air meeting, these two boys bravely found other boys their own age at the end of the meeting and both counseled others for salvation.

The adults in the group were rather shy at putting into practice what they had learned, but at the example of these two boys, they too, counseled others. They went out fearful, but all came home rejoicing.

-John & Winsome, Asia Regional Directors

Kenya – Making Eternal Disciples

SOWERS has taught me how to lead people to eternal life from eternal death and how to care for new believers. This has given me the zeal to follow-up our members to help them grow. My group has been so transformed spiritually and we thank the Lord for the SOWERS Program for reaching many with the word of life.


Zambia: Growing in Faith

I did Level 1 in 2006. Since then my talk time with God has increased and my time of reading the Word of God has doubled. And I have known more of the devil’s schemes in destroying the work of God. I also have known more on how to lead a person to Christ.  Many people’s lives have changed for the better since they came in contact with me.

                        -Jackson C.

Kenya: Equipped to Evangelize

Since I went through Level 1 of the SOWERS Program I have discovered many things. I thank God for the counseling booklet which is a very helpful tool to lead people to the Lord.

                        -Amos S.

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Our central strategy uses a 6-Level Evangelism Training program that engages brand new believers as well as established leaders who want to grow their impact for God’s kingdom. The goal is to continually raise up new evangelists and missionaries to reach thousands of people in developing nations, where open air evangelism has proven to be highly effective.

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